· 12th – 30th September 2015, Low Cost Diplomatic Bag, CCE Santiago, Santiago de Chile, Chile

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· November 2015, Solo Exhibition, Harlan Levey Projects, Brussels, Belgium

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· 2015-2016: “Valija diplomatic low-cost” , curated by Nilo Casares

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· 2016, Solo Exhibition, Bozlu Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey

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tras haber embarcado en madrid

la exposición _valija diplomática low cost_ se inaugura en el centro cultural de españa en santiago de chile

este sábado doce de septiembre a las doce del mediodía ( 12:00h/12.09.15 )

donde permanecerá expuesta hasta el treinta de septiembre ( 30.09.15 )

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Ulan were formed by Volkan Diyaroglu and Ziya Levent Aybay in the summer 2014, between Valencia and Istanbul. The duo has a long friendship history since their high school years. They used to be a part of a band named “Scarlet” which existed until 2003. After that Ziya Levent Aybay continued his life as an art director-designer in advertisement sector but he didn’t leave music. Volkan Diyaroglu continued his life outside of Turkey as a well known artist in Turkey and Europe.


Recording of first album of Ulan, “Dua Tarlasi” was made between Valencia and Istanbul. Mix and the mastering of the album was made in Valencia, by Paco Morillas (Blackout Musice) and Enrique Soriano (Crossfade Mastering).

Ulan’s first album consists of 13 tracks. 12 of them were written by Volkan Diyaroglu. “Hafriyat” was composed by Ziya Levent Aybay. The album was launched by Sony Music Turkey in April 2015.


you can listen “Dua Tarlasi” here (Spotify) or here (Deezer).

you can buy the album here (iTunes) or here (Amazon).