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the visual artbeat magazine… “The Art of Volkan Diyaroglu”, Nicholas Forrest

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The Art of


By Nicholas Forrest


When I was asked to write this article about the work of the 27 year old Turkish born, Spain

based artist Volkan Diyaroglu I was excited and honoured because Volkan is one of the most

talented artists I have ever come across. An artist whose use of colour and form suggests a

heightened visual-spatial intelligence and an extra-sensory perception of the visual language.

However, no matter what I write I cannot do his work justice because it is not the sort of work

that should be written about, it is the sort of work that should be experienced. Neither can I

really explain his work as it is the result of a process that even the artist himself cannot

explain – a process where Volkan surrenders himself to his work and allows intuition to guide

his every move. It is a very personal and intimate process which is driven by the subconscious

mind and is more about the artists own journey than anything else.

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group exhibition “caos vs ordine”, ar / contemporary gallery.
Beth Brideau, Volkan Diyaroglu, Zipora Fried, Federico Herrero, Robert Kelly, Boo Ritson, Danny Rolph, AA Rucci, Spencer Young
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“in search of lost reality: nevgeneration” / Galeri Nev / Ankara

Group Exhibition:
in search of lost reality: nevgeneration
15.05.2009 – 15.08.2009
Galeri Nev, Ankara, Turkey
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Volkan Diyaroglu will exhibit the works that he realized during the Maus Habitos Residence in April 2009.

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Volkan Diyaroglu is in AL BASTAKIYA ART FAIR in Dubai with SAATCHI ONLINE

Volkan Diyaroglu will participate to Al Bastakiya Art Fair, in Dubai with Saatchi Online.
Now in its third year, Al BASTAKIYA ART FAIR (BAF) will take place in the houses of Bastakiya, the historic area of Dubai, 15 – 22 March 2009 and from 9am to 8pm daily.


The exhibition of the Saatchi Online in the fair is curated by, Saatchi Online’s critic and curator Ana Finel Honigman and Saatchi Online’s editor and curator Rebecca Wilson. 

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Beautiful Freak 5-27 March 2009, Forja Arte Contemporaneo

The artists:
Jorge Carla, David La Torre, Sergio Luna, Violeta Esparza, Volkan Diyaroglu, Ima Picó, Abraham Martínez, Daniel Reyes, Linda Randazzo, Leonardo Gutiérrez, Filippos Tsitsopoulos, Carlos Cid, Sergio Zavattieri, Cristian Peralta, Jorge López, Juan Jose Martin Andres, Rafael Molina, Federico Lupo, Nacho Ruiz, Oliver Johnson, Greta Alfaro.

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